Our History

Having worked in Local Authority as a Planning Officer, Simon Mckay embarked on his own private planning consultancy business in 2012. He quickly became a cognoscente within the local area due to his expertise of planning legislation, and his familiarity with Local Authority processes.

Earning an unparalleled reputation, locally and then with clientele from adjacent boroughs/counties, the disparity between the service that larger Planning Consultancy practices, and the smaller one man band consultants provided was evident. With the assistance of a lifelong friend, SJM began to produce planning stage drawings. This provided an improved solution to clients, enabling Simon to more efficiently and thoroughly manage and coordinate the planning stage service on behalf of clients.

In January 2020, the multi-disciplinary journey began with the inauguration of SJM Projects. With the employment of an award winning Architectural Designer, and a new Technical Director, SJM were able to assist clients with their project in the post planning stages. This proved invaluable, especially amongst homeowners, as the understanding of the processes in which should be followed, are sometimes complex, and difficult to navigate. In August 2021, SJM Surveys, a trading arm of SJM Projects was started with the arrival of an experienced Geo-Spatial Surveyor. From January 2023, this will be operating as an independent business due to continued growth.

So from the humble beginnings in 2012, SJM are clear market leaders within the south-east, and an ever-increasing presence further afield.

Meet our Team

The Planning Team

Simon McKay

Morwenna McKay

George Bryant

The Projects & Design Team

Michael Stevens

Rikshay Manusklal

Mark Webb

Neil Penfold

The Survey Team

Terry Harmer

Tom Jordan

The Admin Team

Sarah Godsalve

Chania Penfold

What our Customers say

“I have built projects to completion and the finished article is a real credit to Neil (SJM’s Architectural Designer). I have worked with SJM for many years and have built up a good relationship with the company. The innovative design, and informed planning consultancy prompts me to return to SJM for all my projects. SJM would definitely be a recommendation that I would feel comfortable about.”

Rheem Developments (Developer)


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